Monday, December 22, 2008

Homemade Holiday Gifts Part 1

Like so many other bloggers I have been busy working on holiday gifts but haven’t been able to post about them for fear of ruining the surprise.

For certain people I think it’s safe to start posting their gifts so here is the first round.

And I must be truthful; I didn’t have anything to do with this really (with the exception of some consultation). The boyfriend is giving these to his family:

This one is for his mom, it is an older piece that he just matted and framed. Although it's not typical of what he usually does it was one of the few things we could actually picture in his mom's house.

This one was done specifically with his little brother in mind and if you knew him you'd know just how appropriate it is.

Although my pictures don't really do the colors justice you get the idea. More gifts to come!

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