Monday, September 8, 2008

T-Shirt Skirt

I know, you're thinking "not another t-shirt refashion project!" But I have so many old t-shirts lying around I needed something to do with them! You didn't expect me to just throw them away did you?

Although my project was inspired by ones I had seen online I decided to just make up my own pattern as I went. First I decided how big around my waist band would be (I did this by measuring the waistband of a favorite skirt). I used this measurement not only to cut the piece for the waistband (with an extra inch for seam allowances) but also to decide on the length of the top of each of my trapezoids. Since I planned to do 6 sections I divided my waist measurement by 6 and then added an inch to that for seam allowances. For the bottom of the trapezoid I just added a couple inches. You could change this depending on how much flare (and flair) you want. For the length of the trapezoid I measured to where I wanted the skirt to end and then subtracted the width of the waistband (which I had decided was 4 inches).

I then found three t-shirts that I could cut out 2 trapezoids from each. It was important that the bottom of each trapezoid could fall on the bottom hem of the t-shirt because this saved me finishing and actually made the skirt look much more professional.

I sewed all my trapezoids together and then sewed the two waistband pieces together at the side. I then sewed the top one inch of the waistband down to make a channel for a drawstring. Then I sewed the waistband onto the skirt inside out. Then I seam ripped the entire thing off and sewed it on the right way. I used two strips of t-shirt to make a drawstring. A handy trick for getting your drawstring all the way around is to put a safety pin through the end and use this to push it through the channel.

I decided to use the logo from one of the t-shirts in the skirt (although you can't see it in this picture) because…well I don’t really know why but it looks cool.

Ta da! This skirt is so ridiculously comfy it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Expect to see more t-shirt refashions in the future whether or not you like it! And no that is not Toaster the cat, that is actually Wiggin the cat and this is his first appearance on the blog because he is the least photogenic of all my cats (sorry Wiggin).


  1. That's super-cute! I like it a lot better than many of the t-shirt refashion projects I've seen elsewhere.

  2. Becca, this is absolutely darling! Your Dad told me about the skirt just yesterday while we were enjoying coffee in the sunroom. I'll have to go through some of clothes I've been meaning to recycle, and send anything I think you might be able to use in your refashion project (even though I sent 4 huge bags of clothing items with your Dad to take to Mom and Cindi in Colorado, I still have tons of stuff!) I've been behind on reading your blog, so I'm devoting some time right now to catching up. Your writing is so enjoyable. Love, Horsey

  3. Very cute! I've been thinking about that skirt ever since you posted it on Wardrobe Refashion. May have to try it!

  4. fantastic idea! i just made one :]