Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Joys of Poutine

I don't actually know why I didn't think of this myself: french fries, gravy and cheese. What else could you really want out of life? I'm not sure why this brilliant Canadian creation doesn't get more attention.

Although I've never had authentic poutine (ie: made in Canada) I've been striving to replicate it myself. The only problem is that finding cheese curds around here isn't exactly easy. So up until now I've just been eating fries with gravy, and not even the proper gravy, I use canned turkey gravy (don't scoff unless you've tried it).

But lo and behold on my first trip to Trader Joe's this weekend I found Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds! I'm not positive what the exact difference is between cheese curds and regular cheese (I'm sure I could figure it out if I checked Wikipedia but I already looked up poutine and that's enough research for today) but from what I understand cheese curds should be squeaky.

So with my squeaky cheese curds in hand I returned home and threw some frozen fries in the oven. I suppose I could have made real fries or used homemade gravy but that doesn't really seem quite in the spirit of poutine.

So once my fries were sufficiently heated through I topped them with the curds and put them back in the oven for a second to get a little melty. Then I topped it with deliciously hot microwaved Campbell's turkey gravy (which I have a soft spot for even though I'm not sure it counts as food).

And it was amazing, really amazing. I may in fact start a poutine fan club in Rhode Island. (And yes, I know those are technically potato wedges and not fries but that's all I had! And I also know cheese curds aren't always orange but a little annatto never hurt anyone.)

P.S. Funny story: 5 years ago I was in Quebec and didn't even order poutine! Sadly I didn't know it existed at the time and therefore missed my opportunity to try probably one of the most brilliant culinary creations ever.

P.P.S. I don't actually recommend trying this. Unless of course you want to get really fat, really quickly. In which case be my guest.


  1. ewww poutine... sorry but imo, least appetizing food ever

  2. Well then I envy you your unclogged arteries.

  3. I LOVE poutine. Had some in Canada once. Fond memories to this day.

  4. Cheese curds are, I think, "new" cheese... unaged. The first time they tried them, my kids freaked out when the curds squeaked in their mouths. They will eat anything short of limburger ~ and now cheese curds :o) It's a texture thing, I guess.
    Just found your blog. Cool!

  5. Rumor has it that Dan's Place in West Greenwich (on Rt. 102 a bit west of where it crosses I-95) serves poutine.