Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Garden Bed or Litter Box?

The tough thing about gardening is that there are so many unknowns. Although cooking can have variables generally if you have the correct ingredients and follow the correct procedure things come out fairly reliably. But with gardening things can vary wildly from one yard to the next or one year to another.

Take for instance one of our unique problems: where we see plant beds our cats see big giant litter boxes. Gross, I know, and not something any gardening book can really prepare you for. The first issue is that their incessant digging tends to kill any baby plants that come up. The second is that for food crops, especially greens, I don't think raw cat manure is the most sanitary thing.

This has already become an issue with our garlic crop this year. We should have seen it coming. We put our garlic in the same place we had our wheat last year (which you may recall Toaster also destroyed). So we needed to protect the garlic, and quickly.

Our solution: a frame of sticks covered with chicken wire. So far it has worked quite well and is also quite elegant if you ask me.

And yes I know it's all crooked, that was on purpose. We were going for a rustic look.


  1. lol, aww.
    i'm worried about cats as well, while we don't own any, we'll often see someone's black cat scratching in the area that is soon to be my garden. i looked up natural cat repellents and found a plant called 'scaredy cat'. it supposedly puts out a scent that they just will not go near.
    i don't know if it's carried locally- but if not, what you have here is a great idea, as i would be able to drape a cloth over it to protect delicate plants and flowers from the setting sun. thumbs up!

  2. Bitter - The whole bed is about 4 feet by 10 feet so the half with garlic (which we covered) is about 4 feet by 5 feet.

    Lanee - Thanks for the tip on that plant, I'll look into it!