Monday, July 21, 2008

More Harvesting

Although nothing will beat the bounty that was our wheat harvest (see last post to fully understand sarcasm), we did pick several other things this week.

Snow peas: They suck. It can’t be said any other way, they have barely climbed a foot up the netting and we’ve gotten at most 10 sad little pale green peas so far this year.

Cucumbers: We got three more spiny fat little pickling cucumbers. The plants appear to be picking up steam, I counted at least a dozen little cucumbers getting started.

Squash: We picked our first squash! Although it is very cute, we are slightly disappointed. Mom is sure she bought patty pans but lo and behold we are definitely not getting any patty pans. Who knows if we should blame the greenhouse or the mom’s memory. Next year I’ll make sure she’s wearing strong glasses while selecting seedlings.

And for the grand finale….we harvested our garlic! Mom (thinks she) bought organic garlic last year at a Farmer’s Market and saved it to plant. She did that in mid November (this we’re sure of, she made notes). We made sure to pick the garlic scapes when they appeared (which we used for stir fry) and this week we decided the garlic was ready to harvest. Mom came to this conclusion because some of the stalks had fallen over (and the bottom halfish was brown while the top was still green) and once they fall over they can get mold. So we pulled up about 8 bulbs ranging from medium sized to smallish. We hung them up in a shady spot on the porch to cure so we can save them and use them this fall. Since we go through so much garlic in our cooking we’re thinking of expanding our crop next year.


  1. The garlic is a success! I wish I had your knowledge of all the delicious produce you grow (or attempt to grow in some cases). There is absolutely nothing more soothing to the palate than freshly picked vegetables. I'm getting hungry reading your blog and looking at all your fantastic photos! Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks! I love having fresh veggies from the garden, I just wish the New England growing season was a little longer.