Monday, January 12, 2009


Today mom found a wasp in the house. We don't know how he got there but one can only imagine that he was taking refuge from the cold. Because it's only getting up to about 20 or 25 degrees here mom couldn't bear the thought of putting him outside because it would have meant fairly immediate death (or so we think, we're not entomologists).

So instead she transferred him to our verdant back porch to live among the potted plants. She used one of these handy bug catchers:

We have several and they are indispensable for humane bug removal. I have no idea where you could find them but I highly recommend them.

Of course I protested because the wasp's new home happened to be along the route I travel many times a day to get to my part of the house.

I'm not sure what this means in terms of karma but several hours later this is what my boyfriend spotted on the back porch, right where mom had relocated the wasp to:

So instead of saving him from freezing to death (which in this case I think is preferable) she delivered him into the waiting jaws of this horrible gross terrifying spider. (Can you tell I really don't like spiders?) (In fact I dislike them so much that I wouldn't have been able to take these pictures, the boyfriend did using the macro lens on his camera and I get the willies just looking at them.)

Although I guess technically I should be grateful that the spider saved me from the possibility of getting stung I'm really not, I'm more worried about what that spider could do to me considering he had no problem taking down a wasp. Yuck.

Since I can't bear to end a post on that note how about something much cuter, like Wiggin in the snow?

Awww, he's so handsome. But what I can't figure out is how he can stand to have his butt directly on the cold snow like that.

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  1. eww. I hope you fucking killed that thing, Becca.